TriStar StoneCrest February 23, 2016

When a heart attack strikes, every second matters. Cardiac patients need a seamless lifeline that offers them the best possible fighting chance for survival.

That’s why on February 9, 2016, at the Smyrna Town Council meeting Clark Archer, MD, Director of Emergency Medicine at TriStar StoneCrest, and Terry Cunningham, EMT-P, Community Relations Coordinator for Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services (RCMS) coordinated a community-wide message in response to heart emergencies.  

Their goal was to lay out how TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center, RCMS and the community can partner in a coordinated effort to improve care and results for patients who suffer from a STEMI, a serious heart attack.

“Citizens in our community are increasingly driving themselves to the emergency room when experiencing symptoms of a heart attack,” said Clark Archer, MD. “We want to educate the community that when seconds matter, call 911! Driving yourself to an ER delays initial medical attention and could jeopardize the lives of others.”

“Your Rutherford County EMS personnel are trained to diagnose a heart attack in the field, and provide the necessary information to mobilize interventional cardiology teams at the TriStar StoneCrest Medical Center.” stated Terry Cunningham.

This standard of care embraces the accelerated approach for patient’s need to call 911. Tristar StoneCrest, RCEMS and the Town of Smyrna are proudly working together to significantly reduce the time from heart attack to treatment.

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